Welcome To St. Raphael Private Hospital

St. Raphael Private Hospital is the first and only private hospital in Larnaca, Cyprus, and is leading the way in medical expertise, cutting-edge technology, innovation, enviroment and the little extras that make all the difference.

Designed and built to European specifications, the new deluxe, modern facility places a firm emphasis on providing a friendly atmosphere to facilitate your treatment or recovery whilst boasting a team of some of the best doctors and specialists on the island.

  St. Raphael Hospital is fully equipped to provide the highest level of medical care in all fields of medicine. Our aim is to make your visit to our centre as pleasant and comfortable as possible, while also providing you with all the specialized services and facilities necessary for your treatment. Newly built, St. Raphael Hospital is situated in Stratiou Timayia, an easily accessible location that is:
  • 5 minutes from Larnaca Centre
  • 12 minutes from Larnaca Airport
  • 10 minutes from Larnaca Bay Hotel area
  • 25 minutes from Ayia Napa 
Our staff are readily available to answer any questions you might have regarding our hospital so please feel free to ask. With prices that will delight you, VIP health care is now an option for everyone- surely you deserve to have the best?

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